Turnkey house construction services in Kalymnos

Situated in the South Aegean Sea and part of the Dodecanese islands, Kalymnos is an typical example of unspoilt Greek Island. It is famous for its sponges which thrive in the crystal blue waters and lately it became one of the top destinations for rock climbers that eager to tackle the limestone cliff faces of Masouri, overlooking at the nearby island of Telendos.

If you seek to buy a house, apartment, villa in Kalymnos or simply build your home in Kalymnos... we kindly suggest you to spend some minutes and get informed about our turnkey house construction services in Masouri Kalymnos.

Our tailor made construction services include a six-month-long list of taks related with the completion of your dream house. Starting from the initial construction permit until the final delivery of the keys to your brand new house!

Use the guide bellow to see the related steps we follow, or simply fill your contact details to get in touch with us and get informed about cost to build house Masouri Kalymnos.

Build your house in Kalymnos – within 6 months

Build your house in Kalymnos – within 6 months

Build your house in Kalymnos – within 6 months

Together we will discuss about your specialized housing needs. Topics like, room and toilet number, preferred views, pool and garden construction or even special requests... like access for people with disabilities are decided at this stage.

We introduce our suggestions

Following your housing needs, we introduce our suggestions about the construction of a house that will be in harmony with the traditional settlement of Kalymnos. We also provide you with a detailed technical description of the construction, along with the materials that will be used, so you can be informed in depth.

We create 3D house mockups

The next step is to proceed to any change that you might require, and then we present you with a three-dimensional display of your future house before its construction. The final cost is determined at this phase.

Construction Stage

This stage starts as soon as the building permit is issued. During this phase you will receive frequent written reports for the technical and financial aspects for every phase of the construction.

We deliver your dream house keys

We commit to deliver you the keys to your new house as you dream it, at the designated date, with the agreed standards.