Why to choose Glynatsis Homes for your house construction

We believe that house acquisition is something that must be decided with prudence, after careful research and study that will lead to the right choice.

We kindly encourage you to be fully informed, before deciding who will trust with your housing investment. Here are some reasons to choose us:

Build your house in Kalymnos – within 6 months


We guarantee a specific cost

This means that the initially agreed cost, will be valid from the beginning until the completion of the construction.

We deliver your dream house

We complete all the construction phases, from the initial permit until the final delivery of the keys to your brand new house.

We own superb plots of land

We own superb plots of land, located at Masouri Kalymnos, that fulfill all the conditions in terms of buildability. Ideal choice if you are seeking for a private location with fantastic views of the nearby island of Telendos. All of them provide easy access to nearby points of interest.

We offer 3d house mockups of your future house

You will be able to view three-dimensional displays of your house before its construction.

House delivered within six months

We take very seriously our timescales. We commit that we are going to deliver your house to you within 6 months.

Supervised by trustworthy engineers

The construction of your house will be supervised in every phase by trustworthy engineers.

Time saving construction

You will not be in danger of losing time or money, by using different construction workshops with different work styles. Our experienced construction workshop will take care of all the necessary construction phases.

We use safe materials

We exclusively use materials, that are tested to be safe for people and for the environment.